March Double Header

Come Join the Fun

Alright Trainers! The Fort Wayne MSS Moon Series Double Header is scheduled for March 30-31 at Hot Sauce Games Fort Wayne!

Professor Laura Tournaments and Summit City Gym are working hard to make this an exciting weekend.

On both Saturday and Sunday there will be a Best of 3 Swiss MSS followed by a Best of 1 Swiss PC! That is 2 Showdowns and 2 Challenges over 2 days of fun! At each event we will have streams, trophies, prizing, Smash Ultimate and Pokken Tournament! We will also have some of the best VGC Judges in the World helping us run the event!

Come play with us that weekend and earn some more CP towards your 2019 Pokémon World Championships Invite!!

Registration will run from 10-11AM on Both Days

Entry Fees:
• Each MSS separately is $20. HOWEVER, come and play in BOTH Events for only $30. Play in both and Save $10!
• Each PC after each MSS is FREE if you played in the MSS. If you didn’t play in the MSS but want to play the PC, there will be a small fee of $5

Here is the Tentative Prizing for Each MSS (By Age Division):
0-8 Players:
• 1st - Pokémon Moleskine and Trophy
• 2nd - Pokémon Pin

9-16 Players:
• 1st - Pokémon Moleskine and Trophy
• 2nd - Target Notebook
• 3rd/4th - Pokémon Pin

17-32 Players:
• 1st – Copy of “Let's Go!” and Trophy
• 2nd - Moleskine
• 3rd/4th - Target Notebook
• 5th through 8th - Pin

33 or More Players:
1st – Nintendo 3DS and Trophy
2nd – Copy of “Let’s Go!”
3rd/4th - Moleskine
5th through 8th - Target Notebook

All Juniors and Seniors get a Pokémon Mini clip for entering. EVERYONE gets a “Let's Trade” sticker.


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